Portable, Electromagnetic Microwave Imaging Innovations

We aim to change the stroke care paradigm. Rather than taking the patient to the medical imaging technology, we aim to bring the imaging to the patient, saving time to diagnosis, time to treatment and salvaging more of the brain for better patient outcomes.

How it works

EMvision is developing a portable brain scanner for rapid, point of care, Stroke Diagnosis and Monitoring

The EMVT technology relies on the contrast of the dielectric properties between healthy and unhealthy tissue. If a pathology is present, the conductivity and permittivity of that tissue will change.

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04 May 2018

Stroke breakthrough: Brisbane-designed portable brain scanner

Professor Abbosh is an international leader in electromagnetic imaging and Professor Crozier developed technology used in many of the world’s magnetic resonance imaging machines to produce faster and ...
23 May 2018

Early identification of patients needing thrombectomy is crucial

Study concludes that Stroke patients who needed a thrombectomy and were transferred between hospitals had worse outcomes than those who went directly to a hospital that can pull clots out.

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23 May 2018

Portable 3D brain-scanner set to save lives

The difference between permanent disability or death and a positive recovery is timely diagnosis and treatment.

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About Us

EMvision is an Australian medical device company

EMvision has acquired IP from The University of Queensland to develop and commercialize an innovative medical imaging breakthrough. The medical imaging IP is a result of over 10 years of research and development by researchers at the University of Queensland


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Our Vision

We aim to change the Stroke Care paradigm and in doing so positively impact the lives of millions globally.

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Our Lead Product in Development

Is a portable, cost-effective, non-ionising and safe brain scanner, capable of producing genuine 3D images of biological tissue to provide game-changing insights for clinicians.